Pedigree Dtsch.Ch. Flame of mine from Borders Paradise


    Tullacrest Ch.Borderfame Bravo
  Ch.Winpara Medicine Man Ch.Tullacrest Witchcraft
Dtsch.Ch. Walkin on ThSun Ch.Rhonabwy Borderfame Eveready
Rhonabwy   Secret Whispers Breekam Pets Charity
Total Eclipse   Ch. Ch.Minimbah Showdown
HD-B Rhonabwy Borderfame Bravo Borderfame Polyanna
CEA/TNS/CL clear Whispering Kate Llanwnen Ch.Lindenbrae Nikita
    Gaelic Mist Llanwnen Lakiska
    Ch.Brooksbid  Hawkesmere Countryman
  Juvine Country Classic Granver Ebony`s N Invory 
Projekt Brainstorm Stand and Deliver Juvine Ch.Altricia Merc
Beam me up   I`ve got you Babe Ch.Viber Poetry in Motion
HD-A   Ch.Pikkupaimen Ch.Pikkupaimen Dash of Pepper
CEA/TNS/CL clear

Borderline Country My Melody

Zoom The Moon Ch.Pikkupaimen Cherry Coctail
    Whenway Moss ISDS 168 389
    Vieanna Whenway Roison