Pedigree Projekt Brainstorm Beam me up


    Hawksmere Countryman Hawsksmere The Adjudicator
  Ch.Brooksbid at Danvalido Sheerjoy Secret Date at Hawksm
Juvine Country Classic Grandver Monkfield Matador
Stand and Deliver   Ebony`s N Invory Altricia Fliss of Grandver
    Ch.Altricia Ch.Altricia Kev
HD-A Juvine Merc Liberty Lass of Altricia
  I`ve got your Babe Ch.Viber Poetry in Ch.Cluff of Mobella
    Motion at Juvine Ch.Sacul Highl. Mist from Corinlea
  Ch. Ch.Pikkupaimenen Ch.Minimbah Showdown
  Pikkupaimenen Dash of Pepper Ch.Pikkupaimenen Paw Print
Borderline Country Zoom The Moon Ch.Pikkupaimenen Ch.Sherrmyst Sonofa Tart
My Melody   Cherry Coctail Ch.Borderfame Sheer Delight
HD-A   Moss Sweep ISDS 159 685
  Whenway  ISDS 168 389 Queen ISDS 176 986
  Vieanna Whenway Spot ISDS 161 819
    Roison Ma Biche of Whenway