Pedigree Diamond Red Rose from Borders Paradise



    Ch.Tullacrest Ch.Loch N Legacy of Clan Abby
  Ch.Tullacrest Thiefa Hearts Ch.Tullacrest Lovem N Levem
Ch. Legacy of Luv Tullacrest Ch.Torobeam Freddy Fudpucka
Simaro Insatiable Ch.Tullacrest On The Prowl
First Golden Treasure Ch. Ch. Minimbah Lustrous
HD-B1 Gingerbell Emilia  Hotenot Good News Ch.Luvstock Andromedar
  HD-A Ch.Gawains Bawntawn Dressed in Black
  Queen of Diamonds Ch.Gawains Wild Windy Lady
  Ch.Trucharm Ch.Monochrome Currency Creek



Ch.Jessomine Aussie Merlot Royal Tartan Trucharm Royal Spirit
Indian Summer Kentish Shiraz Ch.Borderfame Eveready
from Borders Paradise   Kentish Hiddendelite
HD-A   Ch.Monochrome Currencycreek  Ch.Tullacrest Thiefa Hearts
CEA/TNS/CL clear Classicyds Congeniality Ch.Minimbah Liberty
  HD-A Gremaric Gr.Ch.Korella Storm Raider
    Indian Pacific Gremaric Class Act